Oia, Santorini – Greece

We went for 2 days to Santorini. It looks perfect with those perfectly white houses, small churches and the well-known blue roofs.

We have stayed at the hotel of “Amoudi Villas” for one night with a stunning view.

We have to say, if a greek person looks surprised when you tell them you will do the walk with the lugage 800 meter and they recommend a cab, please do so. We walked 800 meters down the stairs with all fully packed cases, as we didn’t listen…. There is a reason they use donkeys and horses…

If you like the crystal clear water and want to go for a swim, I would suggest to follow the small trail downstairs at the hotel, you have to go left, follow a little bumpy road, but the water is amazing and you can even jump from a cliff.

The best place to see it all is in Oia, but again the islands have so much more to offer. We stayed only at Oia and took the day after the ferry to Naxos (There are some cheaper connections with ferries and be aware for companies who love to earn double).

Also good to know; For the Sunset they advise to reserve early a spot as this is a real thing to see once in a Lifetime. The Greek clap when the Sun goes down to appreciate everyday that it comes back and shines. It is a Great Tradition which you will see on several Islands.

In the Evening you can enjoy the Sounds of the Waves and relax a bit after a busy Day

Prices overall are a bit higher at Oia, then some other Islands. I would think this also might be the case of overtourism.

Waking up in the morning is like a dream, but the picture says it all 🥰

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