Beautiful Naxos, Greece

Naxos is the largest island of the Cycladen. It is an amazing island with perfect views, adorable small streets and has no overtourism (yet).

I have been to Naxos for the 3rd time, as this is a great way to discover the Island bit by bit and still have a “Relaxing”- Day. Especially when you’re Island-hopping through the islands and don’t rent a car.

You can visit Naxos by ferry via several ways and get off at the Port. Several cab-drivers and even staff of hotels are there waiting for you to sell their last rooms.

If you have already booked everything, you can just say “Kalimera” (Good Morning) or “Kalispera” (Good Evening) and continue the walk. As within walking distance you will find the Bar / Restaurant street of Naxos.

The picture above is one of our Favourite bars called Diogenes Cafe-Bar. The two guys working there are half Dutch, half Greek, called Kyriakos and Gregory. Just to give some idea of prices at this café.

  1. Toast with ham / cheese € 2.50
  2. Cocktails Happy-Hour € 5
  3. Shots € 2.50
  4. Coca cola € 2.50

I would also recommend Flamingo, but this one is more likely to get some diner (We paid approx. € 65 for 3 persons / Diner + drinks). They have this lovely View, Live Music and if you are Lucky, they will smash some Plates and do the traditional Greek “Sirtaki” Dance💃

***A night you won’t forget!***

After living the good food-life, we had to do some work-out, we call it balance or well sightseeing. The first time in Naxos we went to the Apollo’s Gate (Naxos Portara). It is only a small walk and well the views are magnificient!

This time we went to Kástro – The Castle of Naxos and wander through the small streets with white washed houses. It was a bit of a search, but once inside the castle, everything is amazing. First you will get half way where you can have some rest or simply enjoy the great view 🥰

After this picture we walked back down and via the other side back up. When you keep following the trail with the stairs up, you will see a Café / Bar. The prices are really do-able and I am saying this, because it would be a shame to miss out a great spot like this! I think I paid around € 3 for a coca cola.
Kástro (The Castle of Naxos)

In Naxos you can find a lot of good hotels which are not expensive given the fact you will have an amazing room. We booked our rooms with Spiros & Korali Palace Hotel. The staff is really friendly, have lovely rooms and the rooms look amazing.

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